The Jenny Roberts Foundation is a not for profit organisation which aims to educate the public, with a focus on families with young children in order to avoid possible developmental disorders. There is a strong need to direct parents back to basics and the importance of the following LIFE FUNCTIONING skills ;   

Can your baby/ child self regulate to sleep, eat all the basic food groups, be able to toilet themselves and go out into the community without any difficulty?
In the early years of her work with families she focused on visiting parents in their homes, as she wanted to help by spending time observing and listening to them first. This allowed her to get a real connection and develop a relationship to be able to support them.
She stayed longer than a standard consultation. The parents were grateful. She was courageous in her attempt to create change in those early years. 

If you are a parent in need of change in your family, please contact the Foundation and we will put you in contact with one of our home visiting therapists. 

Request a home visit

The initial intensive 3- 5 day service is followed by ongoing after-care which assists and supports each family as required.

The aim of this unique service is to provide support for parents in a practical hands-on way with the guidance of an experienced professional. This opportunity helps each family create change and develop independence in the following areas while in the privacy of their own home:

  • Calming your child’s behaviour
  • Managing sleep, eating and toileting difficulties
  • Developing communication and understanding
  • Creating an easier way to function as a family unit the therapist require both parents to be in attendance when they visit. Weekends and holiday dates can be arranged on request to suit working parents.
  • Traveling is not an issue, but families are required to arrange accommodation for the therapist at their home or elsewhere.
  • There is an additional cost for travelling, eg flight costs.